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This project, targeting cabin crew in Europe, examines the flight safety consequences of cabin crews' working conditions - as well as how sustainable safety can be created within the framework of the special conditions in the aviation indsutry. The aim of the project is to investigating the effects of the changes in employment conditions for cabin crews' working conditions, stress-related ill health and passenger and flight safety. 

We hereby invite all cabin crew working in Europe to participate in an international survey that is a part of a research project carried out by Karolinska Institutet in Sweden called ‘Sustainable flight safety- Developing instruments for identifying key risk factors, and models for interventions that enable proactive and sustainable flight safety work.’

The aim of the survey Feeling the Cabin Pressure? is to collect data on European cabin crews’ employment and working conditions, health and experiences regarding flight safety in the ramp-up following the Covid-19 pandemic. Your answer is very important to gain knowledge of what cabin crews' working conditions look like today, and how the work environment and aviation safety can be concretely improved. The questionnaire consists of 140 questions and the completion time is approximately 20–40 minutes. 

In this confidential survey, you will be presented with questions about yourself, your work as cabin crew, and your health. The results will be presented on group level so that individual answers never can be identified. Outsiders, such as employers, trade union representatives, authorities, or journalists, are not given access to individual answers - or knowledge of your participation in the study.

Your participation is solicited, yet voluntary. If you agree to participate, please be aware that you are free to withdraw at any point throughout the study. You have the right to ask that any data you have supplied to that point be withdrawn/destroyed, and to omit or refuse to answer any question that is asked of you. The research project has undergone ethical review and was approved by the Regional Ethics Review Board in Stockholm (dnr 2020-04055 and 2022-01660-02). All your data will be processed in compliance with The General Data Protection Regulation Regulation (EU 2016/679). The Personal Data Controller in the project is Karolinska Institute. The Data Protection Officer can be reached at Dataskyddsombud@ki.se. 

Your result will contribute to reports and articles about the work conditions, health and saftye work of cabin crew in Europe. Reports and articles will be published open access in scientific journals, as well as popular scientific work. The reports and articles will be easily accesible for both the aviation industry and the scientific community. 

If you have any questions regarding the content of the survey, please contact:
Filippa Folke, PhD student at Karolinska Institutet, Department of clinical neuroscience,
E-mail: filippa.folke@ki.se or Phone: +46 734414115