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This project, targeting cabin crew in Europe, examines the flight safety consequences of cabin crews' working conditions - as well as how sustainable safety can be created within the framework of the special conditions in the aviation indsutry. The aim of the project is to investigating the effects of the changes in employment conditions for cabin crews' working conditions, stress-related ill health and passenger and flight safety. 

The project has two planned studies (see below). 

Examining Safety Performance Trade-offs among Cabin Crew: Interview study in which we will be examining how cabin crew cope with conflicting demands and trade-offs in their everyday work. 

Feeling the Cabin Pressure - Organizational and Psychosocial Factors Associated with Health and Safety Risks among Cabin Crew: Longitudinal survey study addressed at cabin crew working in Europe. In an online questionnaire we will examine cabin crews' percieved work conditions, environment, health and safety work.