Pilots and Cabin Crew

Our research targets pilots and cabin crew in the commercial aviation industry. The transport market has undergone major change, and is today greatly competition-driven. As a result, airlines have developed business models with new employment forms and new ways of organizing their operations. We recognize that this has meant changed, and often worsened, employment and working conditions for pilots and cabin crew. 

What's the project about?

Our proejcts aim to increase the understanding and knowledge of how the changes in the aviation business have influenced working conditions, health and safety work of pilots and cabin crew in the commerical aviation sector. Specifically, we aim to identify factors assicated with health and safety risks, and develop interventions with a proactive and sustainable safety and health focus. 

Research group

Marika Melin
Project Manager
Ph.D. Work and Organizational Psychology

Filippa Folke
PhD Student
Lic. Psychologist

Emil Lager
Research assistant
Lic. Psychologist

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